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Hangover IV

Get back to your best as quickly as possible

We’ve all been there… After a long night out drinking, partying, and generally enjoying life, we have the pleasure of waking up the next day feeling far from fresh. With a headache strong enough to take down an elephant and zero motivation to get out of bed, it can be the worst feeling in the world. Especially when you know you have to be doing things, nothing is worse. All you want to do is get back to your best and put a spring back in your step, as quickly as possible. And while that has always been a pipe dream impossible to comply with until now, these days there is something you can do. Here at Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy, we help our clients pick themselves back up again and get back to their best, through our premium mobile hangover IV treatments. And, when you contact us for help, we can bring you just the same, as soon as you need it.

Mobile Hangover IV Treatment
Our rapid hangover IV treatments are guaranteed to have you feeling fresh and well again, in no time at all. Taking between 30 and 60 minutes for the effects to kick in, our treatments revive you with little hesitation, thanks to their invigorating blend of components. Using a choice combination of saline, vitamins, electrolytes, medicines, and more, we can lift you out of the worst hangovers after a short session with our IV specialists. Simply give us a call when you need us the most and we’ll make sure that you are revitalized before you know it.

Rehydration and Electrolyte Therapy
Rehydration is the most important thing after a long night of drinking. Alcohol serves to strip your body of its fluids and can leave you with the worst symptoms of dehydration. So, we make use of IV fluids that immediately rehydrate you, using a combination of medical grade saline and electrolytes. These substances work in conjunction with one another to return your blood to its regular, healthy state, quickly getting you back up and moving again. 

Anti-Nausea Medication
Additionally, we use a choice blend of anti-nausea medication to rid you of the nasty nauseas feelings you get the day after. Nobody can get on with the things that they need to be doing while they feel ill. So, we make sure that we give you all the support that you need to feel sharp, alert, healthy, and well.

Rapid Response Services
Our hangover IV treatments are certain to make a difference to the way you feel almost immediately. However, we know that there simply is no point in doing so, if we don’t act fast. That is why we promise our clients of rapid response services, whenever they contact us. Every time you give us a call, we make sure that we send out one of the members of the crew at the earliest possible convenience. So, never hesitate to speak to us when you have a hangover you need to overcome.

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