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Welcome to your home of premium IV treatments in the city of Sacramento, Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy. Having been at the forefront of the mobile intravenous therapy industry in our city for many years now, we are well known in the region and considered by many to be the very best. With services for countless different types of ailments and conditions, we have the means to treat a plethora of different things. And, with some of the finest treatments in the industry today, you know you can always count on us for comprehensive and effective remedies.

About Us

Our team has been a key player in the mobile IV treatment industry in our city for many years now. Every member of the crew has an immense amount of experience working in the field and knows what it takes to find the ideal treatment for you. With us, you’ll always be in good hands, as we truly care about our clients and the ways in which we treat them. You can always count on us for a personalized approach and the knowledge required to bring you the highest caliber solutions.

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Our Services

At Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy, it makes us proud to be bringing so many people in the city of Sacramento the support that they need, when it comes to mobile IV treatments. With solutions that suit a vast range of needs, we have the means to help our clients with a vast array of different ailments and afflictions in a pinch. With our cutting-edge therapy options and remedies, we have something to suit every need and condition. All you ever need to do is take the time to speak to our specialists about what it is that we can do for you and take advantage of the fantastic range of solutions that we have available right here.

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Hangover IV

So, if you have been hoping for a provider of hangover IV treatment in Sacramento, you can rest assured that we can be the ones to bring it to you. With a range of different hangover IV therapy and rehydration IV therapy, we can assure you of comprehensive help after even the heaviest nights of drinking. Our dehydration IV therapy will ensure that you counter the effects of any water loss fast, while our IV for hangovers will cure you of your ailment, no matter how severe. Just give us a call whenever we can help you and we’ll dispatch one of our mobile IV therapy crewmembers to your location, right away.

A portrait of pregnant woman with IV drip indoors at home or in hospital.

Drip Hydration IV

We can also offer you drip hydration IV therapy here at Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy. A fast and guaranteed way to rehydrate following a bout of dehydration, nothing gives you more of an immediate pick-me-up. Our drip hydration therapy is the most reliable and most effective way to quickly hydrate and can be done from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is give us a call and we will be there with the rapid-acting treatment you need.

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Vitamin Infusion IV

In addition to our hydration treatments, our crew can also offer you a range of different vitamin infusion IV treatments to help you counter the effects of poor health, deficiencies, weaknesses and fatigue, ailments, and a host of other problems. Including vitamin C therapy, glutathione injections, nutrition IV therapy, and a host of other intravenous options, we have the means to aid in just about any circumstance. Simply take the time to speak to us about what it is you are searching for in specific and we would be glad to take care of it for you.

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NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ therapy is just another one of our exemplary mobile IV therapy services, helping countless struggling clients overcome their individual issues with our treatments. From addiction control to energy production, and bettering internal metabolic processes, it can be a wonder for so many people. And, if you want to take full advantage of it in treating your condition, you can rest assured that choosing us is always a wise plan of action.

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Myers Cocktail IV

We can also promise you of the famous Myers cocktail here at Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy. Proven to benefit people with a vast range of different ailments with the utmost success, it is a wonder treatment. From asthma to immune system boosts, it can do a host of things and all on a consistent and sustainable basis.

Woman hand on medical armchair on the medicine armchair with syringe vitamin in beauty center

B12 Shots

And, if you are looking for a measurable health boost in your day-to-day life, perhaps B12 shots will be the thing for you. Guaranteed to give you an energy boost and aid with one of the most common deficiencies shared by us all today, B12 shots are one of the best in home IV treatment options you can invest in and something that we would be glad to bring to you.

“I regularly go to Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy for my at home IV treatment as they always know what is best to give to me for my health and wellness. Having their support is a blessing and knowing that they are always reliable and available to help is real peace of mind.” – Hannah T

“Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy is the best in the business. Great treatments at great prices, and a great team that always bring their best.” – Peter A

“The team at Sacramento Mobile IV Therapy always put your needs first. They are always glad to lend a hand whenever they can and do so for the fairest possible price.” – Coral G

Call Us Today

Therefore, if you have been reading through the exemplary selection of mobile IV treatment service options that our team has available to you, you should give us a call about them today. Using the number found on this website, you can speak to one of the friendly members of the team about what it is that we can do for you, as we would always be glad to listen. Feel free to ask us any questions that you have or find out more about our levels of pricing. And, once you are ready to schedule your next appointment, don’t hesitate to call.